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Boston Model Aero Club
Grantham and District Model Aircraft Society
Luton and District Model Aeronautical Society
Maidstone Model Flying Club
Mansfield & District Model Flying Club
Newark & District Model Flyers
Oldham Model Aero Club
South Cheshire Radio Control Society
South Warwickshire Electric Flyers
Tyldesley Model Flying Club
Worcester Model Aero Club

  • Website template

    The website is templated and the look and feel are determined by style sheets. These can be edited to suit your Club. There are editable sections along side areas that are managed via administration tools. Anyone with basic HTML experience can edit the site, and people with no web experience can use the administration tools.

    All images, colours and text can be changed but the layout and fonts are fixed.

    There are 3 distinct sections to the site.
    • Public access
    • Member only access
    • Administrator access.

    Any menu options can be turned on or off to suit your requirements, and additional sections can easily be added.

  • Public Menu

    These are the pages members of the puclic can see, they give a solid overview of your Club along with contact details. As stated above these can be  turned on or off to suit your requirments. The only odd looking one there are the Noise Tests. If your Club performs these the data is anonymously made public to help other modellers with their engine / silencer / prop choices.

    The pages under Club Info are fairly obvious so I wont dwell on them,but they are normal HTML pages and should be edited as such. You decided on which pages you require.

    Notices are a list of current notices the Adminisntrator has set up, these appear here as a list as well as a highlight on the homepage whats new. See the admin section for details

    The events calendar shows events that have been added to the system. See the admin section for details


    This section will be worked on over the coming months, to allow members to create galleries & upload their own images to the site. Currently this functionality isn't available so any image that need uploading will have to be done by us.

    The Gallery page displays a random image from the gallery, clicking this image takes you into the actual gallery, where clicking on an image opens it up in a pop up window for viewing.

  • Members Menu

    Once logged in to the site (see below) as a member you will see another menu section, contained here are sections of the site that you don't necessarily want the public to see, but do need to keep the membership informed. each of these options is discussed below.

    My Details

    Once logged in members are taken to their My Details page where they can update their details - but not things like BMFA achiements or Club roles. These have to be done by an Admin who can verify the details are correct.

    Next to the contact details is a tick box, which ever method is ticked (if any) will appear under the contact members page.

    It is expected that each member be responsible for maintaining this section.

    Contact Members

    If members have selected that any of their contact details be made available, they will appear here for other members.

    Note here that only other club members can see these details, there is no puplic access to this area.

    Meeting Minutes

    Any meeting minutes that the secretary has typed up can be viewed here, clicking on the link opens up the minutes in a pop up window where they can be read & printed off if necessary.


    As most members  would be expected to take a turn at mowing, when ever a  field is mowed, is is recorded here, and is displayed on the homepage whats new so members can quickly see the status of the patch.

    Club fields are easily selectable and the "mowed by" defaults to the logged in user but can be change by a simple drop down list.

    Noise Tests

    Adding a noise test is a function of a comittee member  or site admin, when a noise test is added it will appear here for the current logged in member.

    Noise test ceetificates can be read and printed.

    Our club for example requires that a noise test cert be shown on request to prove that a model has been tested. Recorded are the silencer / prop make & size to it can be reviewed if necessary.

  • Administrator Menu

    Club Administrators have full access to all areas of the site to be able to run the club more efficiently. These sections are detailed below.


    The summary page shows highlight of members like newest members or those without BMFA details etc.


    These are not displayed anywhere on the site, rather its just a place to record any incidents.


    Events are added here, and are displayed on  the events page and appear on the whats new section of the homepage.

    Member Admin

    The member database is the heart of the system really and its here that most benefit can be gained by clubs. Here you can add / edit member's details including things like BMFA achievents and add / remove members from the committee, things that can't be done from the 'My Details' page.

    Address lables can be printed and uses Avery sticky labels: C2160, 3x7 to an A4 sheet.

    The table of members is typical of all such tables in the system clicking on the pencil & paper icon opens a record for viewing / editing, clicking the cross will delete a member, their access can be contolled by locking their account. Clicking on any column heading text will sort by that field, and there is a search box to find a member(s) by their surname.

    This will be expanded over the coming months and hopefully will includ e barcode printing to do the BMFA submission.

    Membership card printing

    Here you can select those membership cards you want to print and press the print button.

    There is a default membership card layout as shown. Your logo,the year and the members details are reproduced automatically, but you can change the background header colour.

    We can copy your existing layout but there may be a cost to do this.


    The Mailshot facility allows for the quick creation of messages, which can then be sent automatically to any members selected by ticking the tick box next to their name.

    There are buttons to pre select everyone or just the committee.

    Meeting Minutes

    Minutes of meetings  are created here, and displayed in the members section. This is club business and shouldn't be available to the public.

    There is a simple editor, but if you prefer to write in say Word, there are import filters to copy and paste.

    You don't have to do it all in one go, text can be saved and picked up again later.

    Not only dose this make miuntes of meetings available to the club its also a secure permenant record. Should club officers change or paper records be lost, these will always be here.


    Using a slightly more complex editor than for meeting miunutes that allows for the creation of newsletters. These appear under the members Newsletter page. 


    Quick and  easy club notices to be displayed on the  site under Notices. These are available to the public and appear on the home page whats new section. This can be seen as a website version of a mailshot.


    Add and edit  Noise Tests, these are recorded against  a member. The noise tests appear under each member's 'My Noise Tests' page where the noise test certificate can be printed out.

    Certificates can be printed as well as blank test forms.

    Template Editor

    There are areas in the system where templates are used:
    • Contact form email
    • Joining form email receipt
    • Mailshots
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Newsletters
    • Renewal packs for re-joiners
    • Welcome packs for new members
    Clubs will have specific layouts and text for these. Using the template editor these can be changed to suit.

And finally.....

I’m not looking to sell for profit, think of it more as giving something back to the community, I need to cover my costs of initial set up, and any hosting.

All of your data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and we are registered with the Data Protection Agency. Your personal details will never be sold or otherwise passed on.