Cambria Model Company launch dolly build

Click on any photo for a hi res version

The finished model.

6. Finished dolly
Whole dolly given a coat of wood stain just to keep the moisure out. Not shown are some padding around where the model sits. No padding at the tail end because there isn't enough room, see comments below on moving the supports out. I fitted a castoring tail wheel, but you can fit a servo and connect to a steerable tailwheel if required.

5. Final assembly
Tail end, don't do as I have done here and glue the side supports to the triangle to the vertical, they need to be towards the outside of the horizontal piece.

The main wheel axle is sandwiched and glued as show. Pic shows bottom wood missing. Servo mount added, but not used by me, mine just goes where it wants, but to date has been OK in a straight line (Mostly)

Sub assemblty from 1 & 2 glued to the bottom plate

Final interlocked parts.

There are several interocking parts here so don't use any glue here except maybe a white wood glue to give you time to get all the bits together. I assembled dry and ran SuperPhatic into the joints.

Before you start
Pop out all the parts from the laser cut sheet and clean up the edges. Assembly is straight forward, but maybe these images will help some of the more less obvious parts of the assembly.