My build of the Fusion 2 kit from the Evolution Model kit

Click on any photo for a hi res version

The finished model.

7. Complete model
970W on 4S and a 14X7 prop.

6. Wing
Added some glass reinforcement to the centre section, just to make it more durable.

5. Wing
Wing assembly.

4. Fuselage
Completed rear wing sheet.

3. Fuselage
A couple of mods, I have removed the rear of the wing seat, so the wing can rotate out if it cartwheeled, and the front nose covered with thin ply. Just to stiffen it up.

2. Fuselage
Fuselage assembly, and servo mounts, no need to use the jig.

1. Kit
This will be the second one of these I've built so this build will just docuamnt changes and key areas.