Club Websites (Almost Free!)

Public access

These are the pages members of the puclic can see, they give a solid overview of your Club along with contact details.

The pages under Club Info are normal HTML pages and should be edited as such. You decided on which pages you require.

  • Contact Forms
  • Location
  • Joining Forms
  • Rules
  • More...

Members areas

As a member you will see another menu section, contained here are sections of the site that you don't necessarily want the public to see, but do need to keep the membership informed.

  • Secure Login
  • Member Details
  • Contact Members
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Mowing Details
  • News Letters
  • Documents

Admin Console

Club Administrators have full access to all areas of the site to be able to run the club more efficiently.

  • View Club Summary
  • Accidents
  • Assets
  • Events
  • Member Admin
  • Membership card printing
  • Mailshot
  • Template Editor
  • More...

Club Websites

Club websites are not for commercial profit (but I like to think some of you will come to me for any web work you might require), think of it more as giving something back to the community. I do need to cover my costs of initial set up, and hosting.

The website is templated and the look and feel can be edited to suit your Club. Anyone with basic HTML experience can edit the site, and people with no web experience can use the administration tools.

  • Public access
  • Member only access
  • Administrator access

Any menu options can be turned on or off to suit your requirements, and additional sections can easily be added.

Happy Customers