Fun Fighter ME 109

Cambrian Model Company kit

10. Finished Model
OK so the scheme is similar to a 'real' one its just the colours that are wrong, No problem seeing it though. Decals are chrome cut with my vinyl cutter. The cockpit outline is chrome tape, wasn't sure if / how it would look but its OK.
9. Finishing
I was going to paint this in a more scale scheme, but it was pointed out that they can get small quickly and visibilty is what's important, so will go with these pearlescent acryics, sprayed on and fuel proofed, but I'll try to match a scale theme.
8. Finishing
Glassed and primed and rubbed back, Some more filler was needed in the wing.
7. Fuselage
Ready for glassing.
6. Fuselage
Elevator & rudder control runs installed, wings have been on and the mounts fitted, engine installed, and the cowl blocked out. Engine is a Super Tigre 29. A propper Italian one :-).
5. Wing - glassing
Wings being glassed. I won't use a second coat of epoxy / filler to fill the waeve, just a good coat of primer filler should do.
4. Wing
Here you can see the servo wells, no hatches, just covered and glued in.
3. Wing joining
Not the best panels if I'm honest, so will need some finishing to blend in, but hey its a fun fighter not F3A.
2. Fuselage
Doesn't take long and you have a fuselage.
1. Wing & fuselage start.
Great little kit, and won't take long to assemble. What you can't see is that I've added servo boxes to each wing so each aileron has it's own servo.