Jart Build

Welcome to my build of my JART. I'm going to be using foam wings and a balsa fuselage.

19. Assembly
Its been a long time coming, but my Jart is finally complete. Just have the aileron connections to do and cover it in stickers.
18. Complete model waiting for a nice day to spray, the dark gray on the nose is the final colour
Fully assembled and programmed. Motor is my old OS 60 FS - one of the originals.
17. Assembly
Its been a while I know but I'm back on the Jart build. Feeling guilty to be honest and I'm trying to complete some old projects that have been hanging around for a while.

The model is now fully glassed, primed and ready for spraying. The dark grey on the nose is a tester for the final colour.
16. Fuselage glassing
First side and bottom glassed, note full fin (and no rudder).
15. Elevator control horn
Colour scheme revealed. Split down the middle, half coloured and the other clear profilm.
14. All ready for glassing
13. Can you tell what it is yet
It takes a lot of sanding to find the shape under all that basa.
12. Fuselage balsa planking
You need a lot of clamps, this is the canopy, previously cut out, it will be tacked back in place for final shaping and finishing, and released just prior to painting.
11. Fuselage balsa planking
Left hand showing the glass sandwich under clamp pressure. The other shows the top planking (this was 12mm as I had a length of scrap) shapped back to the fuselage side waiting to complete the planking.
10. Fuselage balsa planking
The ply box is being planked with 9mm balsa, the majority of which will be shaped away to reveal the Jart. The balsa is stuck to the ply with epoxy skinning resin and 1oz glass cloth, and clampped until dry. Giving a ply / glass / balsa construction. Should be strong enough!!!
9. Tail
Tailpalne showing carbon rod, and clamping of tail whilst drying.
8. Wing & servo box
Top hinge line being filed and the bottom of the wing showing servo box, with a cubitts servo mount
7. Wing & servo box
Top hinge line being filed and the bottom of the wing showing servo box, with a cubitts servo mount
6. Wings
The first image is one of the panels, it's blue foam glass covered and vac bagged, with Kevlar along the hinge ine for 'live' hinges. the middle is the ply aleron template, tapped into position. One the bottom of the wing I make 2 cuts to produce a 'vee' for the the donw going aileron, and the top I file through the skin down to the kevlar hinge. The final image shows the hinge line cut, care must be taken here not to cut through the kevlar hinge.
5. Tailpalne
Tailplane halves with the elevators cut and the edges faced with hard balsa.
4. Fuselage ply box waiting for balsa
1/16 ply tops and bottoms fitted and sanded. Waiting for the balsa sides now to shape, but if you squint, you can see a JART in there somewhere.

I used 24 hr Araldite epoxy, a) to give me time to position the parts in my fuselage jig (a home made version of the SLEC one) and b) There is no better glue if a high strength bond is required.
2. Fuselage formers & sides
Formers cut and snakes fitted, opted for snakes to keep as much wood in the formers for strength, the blus one is a Sulivan for the elevator and the 2 yellows are guides for the rudder closed loop.
1. Fuselage Template and ply sides
I cut a template form the CAD drawing, and marked around it to produce 2 ply sided. Note the holes in the sides. The 2 shown are the le & TE points so I have a datum on each side. In addition there are 3 more holes i at the nose and 2 at the tail to help alignment when I join the fuselage sides together.