By day (and some nights) I'm a freelance web designer / coder, but my free time is filled with model building. Here you will find examples of my model builds with some scant instructions, hope they help, but always happy to chat about anything you may see here. Just phone, email or use the contact form. I'm always looking for commissions and build to order (time and space permitting - I do tend to be booked up).

From My Builds

Professional Club websites with full membership admin and more....

Club Websites

Club websites are not for commercial profit (but I like to think some of you will come to me for any web work you might require), think of it more as giving something back to the community. I do need to cover my costs of initial set up, and hosting.

The website is templated and the look and feel can be edited to suit your Club. Anyone with basic HTML experience can edit the site, and people with no web experience can use the administration tools.

  • Public access
  • Member only access
  • Administrator access

Any menu options can be turned on or off to suit your requirements, and additional sections can easily be added.

Full Website Details